Thursday, January 17, 2013

Haskell implementation of the GDB Machine Interface

I am happy to announce the second release of hgdbmi, a Haskell implementation of the GDB Machine Interface.

The Machine Interface is a machine-readable variant of the stdin/stdout-based interface of the GNU debugger. With hgdbmi you can control the execution of a GDB instance to drive debugging of
arbitrary targets.

Version 0.2 of this library is a substantial, non-compatible extension of version 0.1. The API provides a thread-safe and synchronous command-response function and supports user-defined call-backs for
asynchronous notifications. All commands, responses and notifications are supported in this version. Also, for some response and notification types, we additionally provide semantic data types and corresponding translation functions.

The code originates from my PhD thesis on Compiler-assisted thread abstractions for resource-constrained systems.

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